Jonathan Brice Lyman ∞ Creating Heavenly Earth
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Hello I’m Jonathan Brice Lyman, a clueless explorer with a natural talent of making pretty things.

I’ve recently survived my twenties by traversing the cliche of the starving artist, while searching intensely for who and what I am.

In my 20th year, I began hearing the call to create heavenly earth with my art, which excited me and sent me on a trajectory of trial and error in business and failure.

By my 29th year, Saturn had made a full revolution around the sun and I felt ready to put on my costume as an art sorcerer.

Now, as I continue to follow my calling, sport my costume, and build a body of art, I assist my tribe by capturing their visions with art that speaks to their soul.

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The civilization we came out of taught us to ignore the body as our authority in order for the mind to maintain a false sense of control, so I feel called to create drawings and paintings that show what it’s like when nature guides the mind in bringing forms into the world that nourish and empower us to embody our unique potential.