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Temple Not Church

I want to redesign our places of worship.

I want to say goodbye to church, which originated as a place to worship christian ideology and re-acknowledge the qualities of worship that best assist us.

Goodbye church and structures that uphold needy, clingy ideals and efforts to control others and hello temple, where we honor each other as dear ones and walk side-by-side with the intention to make agreements around our mutual activity of worship.

What are we worshiping... and why?

May we worship the universe expressing itself through our uniqueness as sovereign beings?

May we join in reverence of each other's unique qualities and ask how best to assist each other with our unique qualities, playing and dancing and singing about the divine consciousness expressing through us?

May we create temples and reembody our current temples to worship love?

Goodbye church, and let's go to temple.

PS. Hey Jesus, I think you're a really cool guy/myth that people took way too seriously, and I'm sorry it took us so long to love ourselves and honor you as an equal... we just couldn't do it until you got a hair cut. I love you. :)

Jonathan Brice Lyman
Creating Heavenly Earth


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